Woman in a man’s world: SRK offers Mithali Raj to coach for Kolkata Knight Riders

Mithali Raj is one woman who has made the nation proud in the recent International Cricket World Cup for Women. After leading the Indian Women’s Cricket team to reach the finals, Mithali Raj will be seen as a guest speaker on the show TED Talks India Nayi Soch. The show that is unconventional and has set a new benchmark of ‘Nayi Soch’ for everyone in the country will be raising a toast to all the successful women who have scaled great heights in their career with the theme of ‘POWER TO WOMEN’.

In a candid conversation during the episode, Mithali mentioned to SRK that she was a lazy child and she has only been successful because her parents supported her. She also stressed on the importance of discipline in order to achieve your goals. Impressed by her performance in the World Cup and her life story, Shah Rukh Khan gave her the offer to coach his cricket team KKR (Kolkata Knight Riders). He said, “I want you to be the coach of my men’s cricket team.”

Now isn’t that amazing?

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